Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Creating the Power Vision

As many of you know, my husband and I attempted to live off the grid (to some degree) and start full-time RVing a year and a half ago.  If you followed our journey, you know that we loved the adventure, but were challenged by one mechanical problem after another, as well as being challenged financially because of the many, many, many problems on the road.  But that does not mean we do not still desire to live that life.  We do but we need to recoup seriously from trial #1!  

Now that we have our wind back, I am ready to start my vision for the future once again - hence my vision board.  I got the idea from fellow Blogger Dangerous Linda when she shared a post on her Super Vision, and the use of a vision board.  In this post she discussed how she creates and uses vision boards to help direct her life. This has proven very helpful and powerful for her, especially since she has branched off into new directions in her life.

Like Linda, I have been in transition since the great RV adventure, and I am about ready to branch out into a new direction/business in December of this year.  My sister has suggested in the past making a type of a vision list, and so the idea was already in my head when I read Linda's post.  Since I do not have the same creative ability as Linda, who is an artist, and since I have worked hard to become paperless (I have no magazines to make a collage), I decided to tackle the project using my blackboard and a bit of image mapping (thanks to - a freeware - donations welcomed -web app).  Below is my vision board (comically drawn).  I am an eclectic person, and so there are many streams of themes throughout, but I am hoping a coherent vision will emerge for me somehow.  Feel free to click on this image map to explore the major themes I have identified for myself.  The entire picture is click-able and depending on what image you click, it will take you to a new place on the web where the theme is explored.  I hope you find this enjoyable.


  1. Hi, Rebecca! --

    Very creative take on Vision Boarding! Nice job!

    One suggestion I will make is that you want all messages on your Vision Board to be positive. According to Daniel M. Wegner in his book "White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts" our subconscious minds do not recognize the concepts of 'don't' or 'not'.

    So, when you write the word debt, for example, with an X through it, your subconscious mind just sees 'debt' and will attract more debt!

    To alleviate this stumbling block you could replace that image with the words 'debt reduction' or with an image of what being debt free looks or feels like to you.

    I will share this creative Vision Board interpretation on my FB page

    Thanks and good luck!

  2. Linda, thanks! I changed it on the one I look at everyday - I appreciate the insight. R

  3. What an amazing idea. Thanks for sharing! It really helped me understand the concept. I was working on a bucket list for myself last night and this would be a great way to group things. ~

  4. That's really nifty! I'm going to have to read more on vision boarding when I have more time.

  5. So I have to ask, is this vision board just a way of mapping out your goals and plans, and a way to visualize them to get them achieved? Who came up with this idea originally?

    Also, what made you guys decide to go "off the grid"?? Did you ever get tired of being in a smaller space, and want to be back in a "normal" or bigger living space? Did you guys work from the RV? Or was it just for pleasure? How interesting!

  6. Matthew, so many questions! Well the vision board works both ways: a way to map out your goals and hopes and a way to visualize them. I do not know who thought of it first, but the concept has been around for hundred of years, but in different manifestations. Dangerous Linda suggests this book on the topic: Daniel M. Wegner's "White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts."

    We went off the grid because we are tired of the "rat race" of life - we wanted to enjoy our moments instead of working all the time. There is, as far as we are concerned, a vicious wheel to the earn and spend culture we all live in. We still feel this way, but we had some very hard times in our little adventure, and so we have to recoup, revision, and reboot so to speak.

    Living in small spaces means you need to shift how you think about living. We tried to spend little time in our small space and more time out in the world. We went on hikes, spend time in the mountains, having several outings a week. It was hard for me to do think working in this small space. Grading and writing was difficult because I need silence or noise that is not overwhelming to me (noice I do not end up focusing on). So that was a struggle. I have since learned how to work in coffee shops and with headphones on, and this helps a great deal. We worked both in our RV (I taught online) and did what is called workcamping to survive. It is a hard, financially, life but a rewarding one. Our truck and camper died, and so we had to stop. But we plan to ending our life on the road and in an RV doing workamping.

  7. Thanks for sharing so much more with us than the average class experience. I did a vision board last year which I keep over my bed and I am a believer in VB power. I learned so much from your post and Dangerous Linda's. I'm going to update or redo mine with these concepts in mind.
    I love it that your vision board is paper-free,digital and that we can click through to much more information "behind" the board. You are right that you don't have "the same" creative ability as Dangerous Linda, but you have wild creative ability that is evidenced by the way you teach this class and the many different ways you express yourself on the web and in life. I'm a big fan.

  8. Carrie, thank you so much for your kind words and your encouragement. I am also a fan of yours.


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