Wednesday, July 27, 2005

11 Wives and 77 Children--Oh My

I was looking at BBC World News when I came across this little Gem: “An Ethiopian man with 11 wives and 77 children is urging people not to follow his example and is giving advice on family planning and contraception.” For the Full story click here What can be said here? A lot??? Wow, no wonder this man looks exhausted! I hate to see how his wives look! I am glad he is urging people not to follow his example. I am sad, however, that it took 11 wives, over a hundred children (the article states that 23 children had died) and loss of all his wealth before he came to the decision that maybe some of his life choices were wrong. With that said, however, I try to kick myself and remind myself that I am an American with very specific American values. On top of that I am a feminist, secularist and a fan of Margaret Sanger. I have no idea about his background, religious or cultural, nor of the values he was raised with all his life. I am blind. I do not wish to be an “ugly” American shoving my personal views down the throats of other cultures, suggesting it should be my way or the highway. No, no--don’t want to be that. And yet . . . Come on! Wow! Christ! Common sense—the man can’t even remember all his children’s names (see the article)! I can’t help but think that by the time you realize that you have so many children that you can’t even remember who is who anymore, well it is either time to call it quit on the child producing department or, you know, use a condom! Wow. Okay. Please, folks, safe sex, common sense, and do not breed beyond your means. If you can’t afford the children you have—don’t have more children. And your religion says that sex is only for reproduction—then do not have sex! I am sorry about that, but you know its momentary pleasure VS children you can’t feed or care for. THINK BEFORE YOU BINK! This lecture was brought to you by: A Booga-booga


  1. As there is not enough blood in a human male's body to fill both "heads" at the same time, it is not uncommon that the head with blood is the head that makes the decissions. Besides, as your personnal economic status drops, i.e., as you earn less and less money, sex takes on a more important role in your life. I have no TV so I'll have sex to entertain myself. I am hungry and can not afford food so I will have sex to forget. I can not find work so I will have sex to fill the time. Let's face it, for some in this world, sex is not only a form of diversion, it is the only form of diversion available to them.

    And while "think before you bink" is the simplest way to prevent the overpopulation that this planet is rapidly headed for, its hard to keep that in mind when you have no job, no food, 77 kids screaming at you, and "binky" has just raised his little head. (Its hard to remember your goal was to drain the swamp, while the alligators are biting your butt.)

    btw, great blog - keep it going.

  2. I would like to thank “Bit Jockey” for providing what I am assuming is the male perspective on the “11 Wives and 77 children” syndrome. As a woman, I take particular interest in the comment that as a man there is not enough “blood” to supply both “heads” and, thus, when there is too much time on a man’s hands, they solve the problem through sex.

    Keeping with the true spirit of the comment, I would like to question, then, why men tend to have leading positions of power? Granted, the activity of such jobs in society might keep their mind off sex, but if “binky” is always ready to “bob” up unexpectedly, what are we to do when the blood has chosen the wrong “head” in which to concentrate in?

    I think Bit Jockey has just offered a wonderful argument for why women should run the world. Good Job Bit Jockey, and thank you. –a booga booga

    ps. thanks for supporting this blog


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