Monday, July 25, 2005

Eating, Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling and Literary IV’s
There is a part of me that hates food especially when I am stressed or just busy or my mind is faster than my body. I have no cravings, no hankerings. No patients for cooking or pouring milk into a flaked filled bowl. Often I wish I could live off of coffee and cigarettes and chocolate. But then what about the nutrition your body needs? There are vitamin pills but without some food, they upset my stomach. And there, my one reader, is the quandary. In my concerted effort to avoid, occasionally, anything having to do with studying for my comps now, I read “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” No spoilers here. Won’t do it. Can’t do it. But damn it was a good read. I managed to make the book last almost a week, which is a record as I read the last book in two joyous filled days and nights. But now I am like: “now what?” Damn-it, the book should go on! Like movies, where are the deleted scenes . . . huh? The Bloopers? Well? The commentary next to the scenes? I want interactive Harry Potter damn-it. And more. Like I should care about the poor, work ridden author and writer J.K. Rowling, I want more damn-it. I am like that brat in the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” movie. More! I am addicted. Can there be a Harry Potter IV? Along with the coffee just place it into my blood stream so it becomes a part of my walking or sleeping or writing. Some of the creative spark alive in the neurons of the brain pattern, electrically shocking parts of the delicate flesh? Zing! Bing! And there you have it, the deleted scenes filled with insightful commentary and insights of the bloopers that did not make it past Rowling’s better self? So be it. Back to Burke. Back to Micheal Warner and the concept of Publics. To writing lacking in pure imagination, sorry Warner but we all know you believe Public Intellectuals can utilize academic jargon and be just fine—that is . . . UNLESS YOU ARE THE POOR SAP READING IT! Back to made-up words that lack magic. Back to the real world of the Muggles. Where the hell is my coffee? --A Booga Booga

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