Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Angry as Hell . . . But Love my Pooch

It’s the middle of the night/morning and I can’t sleep. For the fourth time in a year and a half, someone has broken into our backyard. In the past year in a half, we have had our scooter stolen, drug dealing (twice) and other attempts at unlawful activities including someone trying to actually get into the house. So far, and I knock on wood as I am saying this, our dog has scared them from trying to enter our house. Yet, this does not make me feel safe tonight. At about 2 am or so, my dog woke me up barking at our back door. I thought he saw a squirrel or a cat but caught the quick image of someone running and I heard our fence being opened. I woke my husband up and we carefully looked outside and, yes indeed, our fence was wide open. We never leave it open. I think whoever it was, was trying to get our other scooter – our major mode of transportation – because that person was in our screened porch area judging by my dog’s reaction—love that mutt, for so many reasons. I feel I need to point out that as areas go “in city;” this is not a bad area to live in. Not great, granted, but I have lived in a hell of a lot worse. I just wish this crap would cease. Last time it happened, I had problems going to sleep for weeks; I can only hope it won’t be the case this time. Forgive the rant, I am just fed up.

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