Thursday, December 22, 2005

'Twas Right Before Christmas

'Twas right before Christmas, when up on the Hill Shredders were turning, its sound such a thrill; The NSA was listening, yes the walls do have ears; Big Brother was laughing, causing us tears; In Europe tabs will be taken, your car will be traced, Australia ran to get into the race; Saddam Hussein is on trial in a court of his peers; Can we trust anyone in this culture of fear? When out at the court house a large crowd arose: “Get rid of those decorations, you bunch of pinkos!” I hid my menorah and my manager as well, I hid in my room with spiked punch and noel. Far from my home and my bedroom at large, Soldiers in Iraq wondered when they’d be discharged; When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, Soldiers without back up, equipment or footgear. Up the coast in New York the people were frantic, As Bloomberg yelled: “What’s up with this traffic!” More out of touch than Elvis arisen, George W. Bush becomes the great salesman: "Now, congress! now, democrats! now, republicans and Citizens! On, Jesus! on Surveillance! on, Corporations and Christians! To the war on Terror! to the Pax America! We will rule the world and do away with their Allah!" Privatization is the goal the point and the aim, Only those with money can get into this game. Exclusion in the name of democracy is what it’s about, You had better get used to it, don’t cry and don’t pout. And then, in a twinkling, I heard little bloggers Typing away, to become oratory bombers. In front of their keyboards, they were uniting with words, Working public opinion those internet wizards. They demanded to be heard, if not to be seen, working for inclusion and mental protein; Armed with comments, trackbacks and the like, Many of these bloggers protested through the night. Their posts -- how they awakened! Their intentions so true! All they wanted was to involve you, you and you! Sometimes they got it wrong, sometimes they were shallow, One of the worst fears are posts that are hollow. As we turn on our televisions and read our enews, We are all just fighting to save our values; Why we can’t live and let live I will never know, This isn’t hell on earth, it’s more like limbo. And so we build nukes, bombs and electronics rational rhetoric in place of a good tonic; As 2005 is about to come to a close; There’s just a few more things I’d like to expose, Racism, sexism, exclusion and pain; Simply speaking, these are not my favorite things, Link to me, or the Reverend Gisher and have your thoughts heard, Because just bitching about things won’t cut the mustard. Take a moment and fight for a change; please consider this reality exchange! Communication is the way to inclusion, "To love and be loved is not an illusion.” Have a wonderful holiday season . . . and no matter what you celebrate this year, celebrate your family and your species! Peace, Rebecca

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