Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Linky Post Advertising Those Who Keep Me Going and Keep Me Awake

As the conference I am helping to organize is only two weeks away and as all the details threaten to suck me up into a void of no return, I am finding myself with less and less time to post and visit other blogs. Mostly, I now visit fellow blogs using my phone which allows me to read but not really to comment. I thought I would like to point out some very good posts that fellow bloggers have been posting lately and wanted to encourage you to go and visit these insightful commentaries. First, we have Coyote over at Howl@The Moon who wants us to delete our Google desktop applications and be aware that the internet is once again threatened by legislation which would curb what can and cannot be looked at or posted in cyborspace. If you were upset with companies like Google and Yahoo for bending to China’s wishes for censorship, you should be equally upset and worried about what may occur here in the United States. Less People, Less idiots ran a series last week that looked at the riots that broke out because of the Muslim Cartoon. These commentaries by Gisher and Poobah hit both a raw nerve as well as a rational tone and garnished over 150 comments. It is worth your time to read these posts and the comments: Muslim Cartoons: Are you still laughing now? Muslim Cartoons: part deux Muslim Cartoons: Part trios Read at Poobah’s Lets Just Say Hypothetically Washingtonrox offers us information on how A group of moderate Muslims have set up a website to apologize for the crimes of those who committed violence against Denmark and Norway in the name of their religion. And Lance, over at Quietly Making Noise, points to another cartoon and Washington’s reaction to it—read The Pot Calling the Kettle Black. Lingo Slinger, who is also a new addition to my sidebar, has been talking about tattoos! God I love tattoos and have enjoyed reading about her tattoo adventures and waiting for a new design. It makes me want to go out and get another tattoo! (Sigh, they are addictive so I am giving you fair warning). Read: The Pain & The Pleasure as well as the Tattoo Rational. Cosmo posted an interesting linking defining the 14 characteristics of Fascism—yes, we should all be worried and it is important to look at what is going on in our world, and the US, with clear eyes. Dave Away from Home has a talk with God in the park while his little girl plays. He comes away with no real answers but reminds us that the “glass half full” outlook is a defeatist one. Bonnie, at Creating Peace, reminds us all of the importance of the Middle Way of seeing things, and she has some good points as the middle way works to include all in decisions, not just the few. Also don’t miss, Marie over at Dawn of a New America, who offers us an account of the latest scandal coming out of Washington this week and good ol’ Brownie singing like a bird! Finally, I would like to thank Those Bastards who many, many weeks ago added me to their links. I have resisted acall to be fed up with the status quo and rejected placing an “impeach Bush” banner on my site. If you would like to know why, you can read my reasons here. The thing is simply this; I am not sure if impeaching Bush will be helpful but I cannot sit around anymore and not protest. If even half of the stuff that came out of the news today is true, we cannot sit around and be complacent. I do not want to be “reasonable” anymore if being “reasonable” means I go alone with the way things are. I would rather get my Irish Ire up in arms and say no. To this end, I am placing the banner on my blog and I am also, out of respect and appreciation, placing the “I’m a Bastard” logo on my blog as well.

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