Monday, March 13, 2006

Peabody’s Way Back Machine

I am going to start out this post by encouraging everyone to read “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” if you have not already done so. Why? Because by reading this you will understand this administration’s goals and aims. The document is, it appears to me, a roadmap to not only to their rationality, but also to the seemingly erratic choices being made. Sherman, my boy, let’s take a trip in my “way back machine” and travel the short distance to the end of last week. See how the Dubai ports deal went south? How Bush is lamenting those outcries against the deal, as seen through our lawmakers and average citizens, saying it speaks of isolationism and rejection of our allies? Now Sherman, let’s go back and revisit President Bush’s 2006 “State of the Union Address” where he “warned” the country against isolationism. Look at that Mr. Peabody, it seems as if he is almost anticipating the Dubai deal and the possible reaction he would get! Yes indeed Sherman, it certainly seems that way. Now, let’s take another ride in my ‘way back machine’ to the events immediately after 9/11. Remember how the culture of fear was developed and nurtured here in America and in other parts of the world? Remember the terror color code, the repeated reminders that certain members of religious extremists were out to get us. How terror was linked to Iraq, which did not have WMDs or links to al-Qaeda. Sure Mr. Peabody, everyone knows that! Okay Sherman, we have one last trip to go on. Where are we going now Mr. Peabody? Well, we are revisiting G.W. Bush’s rejection of the UN and the UN assigned Iraq weapon inspectors. Watch how Bush specifically creates isolationism by rejecting internationalism—“it’s my way or the highway” stance that ignores and alienates our fellow allies. Wow Mr Peabody! Look at that, I remember that! That’s good Sherman, now let’s get back home. Here, have a glass of water and a piece of chocolate—traveling back across time is hard on one’s body. Now that you are rested, you may be asking yourself what was the reason for this trip? Why take you back to events and faces you still remember? Actually Mr. Peabody, that is exactly what I was wondering. Well, my boy! You may have read the story in the Washington Post by Claudia Deane and Darryl Fears that tells us that “Negative Perception of Islam [is] increasing,” how since 2001 and 9/11, Americans are distrustful of anything resembling Islamic beliefs. I sure did Mr. Peabody. You also, I am sure, remember that President Bush wishes America to lead the way to right and justice in this grand world of ours—to lead the world into the “American Dream.” But, Sherman, my dear boy, he can’t have it both ways. What do you mean Mr. Peabody? He can’t develop a culture of fear and distrust and, at the same time, ask Americans to dismiss and discount the fear he has cultivated. It is my belief, Sherman, that President Bush’s agenda is biting him in the ass. Do you really think so? Yes Sherman, I do. And I also think that President Bush’s new insistence on internationalism within the narrow framework of solitary American leadership will just continue to create isolationism among states and countries. Why is that? It is elemental my dear Sherman, for every action there is an equal reaction. For America to lead the way, that means other states and nations must give up their places of power and bow down to us. This is called a dictatorship. Oh my Mr. Peabody, I had never thought of it that way. What do you think will happen? I am not sure my dear Sherman, as I don’t have a “way forward machine.” However, I suspect that a greater division between states will occur, America will continue to loose its power and a reassertion of absolute “nationalism” will occur all over the globe. That can’t be good, can it Mr. Peabody? Indeed Sherman, it can’t be good, my boy. Not good at all.

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