Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things living in my Ankles

I normally write about serious stuff, because that is what normally gets me going. But tonight I write a short blog about my ankles, dreams, and anxiety. I have always had vivid dreams and then for around 10 years or so…nothing. When I became a vegetarian, my dreams came splashing back as if I was a child with childish imaginings. Good. Bad. Ugly. Epics and in color. Last night I dreamt about my ankles.

I can’t say I have attractive ankles but they do not suck either. My mom used to say I had ugly feet, and she said that the only reason for making such an observation was that was that she did not want me to get a complex that I was too beautiful. No worries there MOM! Although she questioned the attractiveness of my feet, she was fine with my ankles. See, mom had 2 ankles on each foot (double the pleasure, double the fun?) and so she was a bit sensitive regarding the whole ankle thing. Can’t blame her really. I have a normal count of ankle, and they are all in the “right spot,” except for last night in my dreams.

Last night, little white slugs, slug stay-puff-marshmallows things, came out of my feet right about below my ankle. In my dream, my husband and I were living in an apartment and looking to move, and looking for jobs as we had none (just both being let go). I was packing up our clothing for a move when something moved in my ankle. It was a stay-puff worm thing: white with black eyes and a small mouth, animated really ... it might have been cute really, except it was living in my ankle and all. A huge hole parted below my ankle with the head popping out and I had to try to squeeze this thing out. No luck was had there. So, I looked around, found some needle-nosed-pliers and pulled out this snow white, alive, “thing” out of my foot. It did not hurt but horrified me …. Yes it horrified leaving a gaping hole what would take forever to heal. After getting the thing out, I had to push out left-over white goo (for lack of a better description). This happened on both ankles and several times – as if a hive was living in there. I would flush down the first worm like creature, and the “left-overs,” only to have to do it again, and again, and again – I did not sleep well last night.

So, WTF?! Really. I get symbolism. Fear of having no job. Fear of having to move. Fear in general. Anxiety. But stay-puff-Marshmallow worm things?!? And a crap load of them? I am still working out the “symbolism.” I got nothing . . . nothing at all. But I do have a lot of these kinds of weird dreams lately and, to anticipate a few of the questions, no . . . I am not taking drugs other than the occasional Advil or a glass of wine or beer. No weird or illegal stuff. Really.

You have any ideas on the symbolism? Reasons? Whatever? Love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Well... yuck.

    Could it be an aging dream? That the worms represent aging, and the "battle" against it. When you're younger, you'd think it'd hurt getting older, but aside from the aches and pains, it really doesnt, kind of like your worms that nonetheless left a big gap (ability to keep up?).

    Of course, all this is coming out of another unclosable hole a bit higher up, but you did ask.

  2. To see a worm in your dream, represents weakness and general negativity. You have a very low opinion of yourself or of someone in your life.

    To dream that the worm is crawling on your body, indicates that you feel someone around you is taking advantage of your and feeding off your kind heartedness.

  3. BTW....Those arent MY words they are from a Dream Interpretation book!!

  4. Dave and Lynn,

    Thank you both for your thoughts on the worms. Such a strange dream it may be and with the stress I have had these last few month, Lynn could be right. Maybe it has to do with age but I am as wigged out about that. What I found fun was the thought that the words looked like marshmallow worms - so the day after I posted this, I made marshmallow treats - seemed appropriate! :)

  5. (imagine a Homer Simpson-like drooling) Mmmmmm, marshmellow treats!

  6. Dave, you will like this one then!



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