Saturday, January 02, 2010

Changing how we Bank

As George and I seek this RV dream, we are finding other things in our life that need to be fixed or changed as well. We decided that if we are going to call this RV home and live in it for at least a year, then we may want to look for an RV with a slide since the slide can add a lot of living space to your RV. But this means spending more money, which, in turn, means we need more money. We were hoping to buy the RV outright but we do not really have the funds to do this; so, we will have to borrow around ten thousand dollars to get a bit bigger/ and better equipped RV. Really, ten thousand is not much especially if you do not already own much on anything else. So, we checked our credit score and found out that we are doing good. My husband is 815 and I have 795 (college loans brings mine down) with no revolving credit due anywhere. We are awesome risks in the bank business. Feeling confident that we could get a ten thousand dollar line of credit, we went to our bank, Chase, and asked. What did they say…NO! So, the banks are willing to give really bad and huge ass loans to people with crappy credit, but when you ask for a small sum for an is screw you. We asked about the possibility of a personal line of credit instead and they said no again. I was shocked; as we left the manager said: “thanks for your business.” And I said, “Not for long.”

Now, the Huffington Post has been doing some posts on people leaving the so called too big to fail institutions and moving to local banks (Move Your Money is a powerful video entry you might wish to watch). Me, I am tired of how for profit banks screw the people who make them. These big corporations need to start learning that it is the George Baileys of this world that gain the respect of their peers. I am simply tired of Mr. Potters screwing with me. This is why George and I want to drop out and make something entirely different. In that spirit, we are leaving Chase for a local credit union who, by the way, took one look at our credit score, our ability to save and our good record in general and said: “Yes, we are happy to loan you that much and to help you out. We hope you have many good vacations!”

And now that we have the yes on a loan, we are happy to say that we almost have an RV. A thirty five foot National Dolphin 1996 with a slide and solar power for the house and RV batteries. She is not perfect but she should make a good starter rig as long as she passes the mechanical tests we are going to get on Wednesday. The owners are a kind couple who are not scammers or players or another of the other suspect creatures we have death with so far. If all goes well, we should have a rig in a week and a half. Then we must learn to work her, driver her, care for her, and sell all our stuff…but that is a post for a new day!

Happy New Year all.

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