Saturday, January 16, 2010


"We don't need an accountant anymore, we just gave away all our money!" - My husband

Well not all but a lot of it!  When my mom was very sick some many years ago, and felt like she could not get through her day, I would tell her to take "baby steps" and be happy with each one. Even baby steps add up to something more substantial. Today, we took a giant's version of a baby step and purchased the truck we will be using to tow our trailer or fifth wheel.

"Fluffy," as we are calling her right now, is a 2003 Ford F350 XL Crew Cab Super Duty 6.0L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel big Ass truck.  It is big - no doubt, huge.  This baby will tow a lot for sure, and she is not a dandy truck, but the real thing -  a heavy duty working truck - just what we will need.

Just one rather odd thing about the truck and the experience.  So, after we had the truck checked out and payed for, we met my sister to show her our new buy.  While we where showing her the truck, the light caught the side of the door and revealed the name of the company who owned the truck before us.  I should not say owned, but leased.  The vehicle was used as a leased commercial vehicle in Alaska for several years.  The light on the door let me finally read what company it was:

H A L L I B U R T O N 

Be still my liberal beating heart man!  Serious!  I was suddenly concerned about this new development, and I was worried that it might be like owning a pit bull trained to kill and having to retrain the pup for love and joy and the spreading of peace and happiness.  This is partly why we are lovingly naming the truck demon, that is "Fluffy" after the three headed dog from Harry Potter.  Fluffy was fierce, but also a loving, protector dog - we hope the same will be true of the truck!

:)  Rebecca

See more pictures of the truck on our traveling website "Roaming Ventures."

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