Thursday, November 25, 2010

Suggestion: Performance Art Protest of Black Friday!

If I knew anyone here in Albuquerque, of if I was in Seattle where I do know people,  would totally organize this!

Proposal: we should make Black Friday into a comedic performance art, in protest of obscene consumerism it represents.

How: Get together with friends, bring chairs, popcorn, dry toast, something to drink and stay warm with.  Place chairs in front of people lined up to shop at midnight tonight, and watch them like you would watch a play.  Better yet, a Rocky Horror play!  Throw toast, and other food items to the crowd who are about to be horded like a bunch of barn animals.   Clap when we see something you like.  Laugh or cry.  It's human comedic-tragedy at its best!

If you can, consider doing this!  If you do it, send pictures to me and I will post them here and have you on as a guest blogger!  


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