Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Book and Where do Babies Come From - ala YouTube

I am happy to report that I am hard at work on my next book, a literary adaptation of my play "Writing the Diaphragm Blues." As many of you know from seeing the web version, which has now been taken down as I write the book, this play was mostly based on my life, as well as discussions and experiences I had growing up and talking with my family on topics of sexuality.  Unlike many families that I happen to know, my family was very open regarding the topics of sex and sexuality, and this led to some fairly interesting conversations.  So my new book will also be a memoir of sorts, but one that looks very specifically at my introduction to sexuality, birth, contraception, menopause, and all this stuff that happens in between.

The book itself, I hope, will be a nice combination between a serious consideration of these topics, a research consideration of these topics (specifically looking at how sexuality is presented within social media), but also a humorous presentation of the topics.  the chapters will vary from traditional memoir nonfiction, to creative nonfiction offering a recount of experiences. I'm also excited about the fact that a dear friend of mine, indeed someone I consider to be part of my family circle, has agreed to do some classic comic illustrations of the scenes. I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

However, I don't start the book off humorously, but with the fact that rape has been an issue in my family - across the generations. This obviously is not a happy or humorous topic, but one I think is still important to discuss in society. I honestly cannot tell you how many women I know who have been raped, and who are terribly uncomfortable discussing the fact that this has happened to them. Although I believe that every woman should decide for herself regarding how much they wish to discuss regarding such topics, I personally feel it is very important to talk about these things in the public forum, because silence tends to equal an agreement to how things are.  I do not agree with how things are in this country, or abroad, in relation to how female sexuality is generally viewed, and rape is seen from not only as a crime, but as a turn on, and a fair weapon to use in warfare.

Although I start my new book out with this topic of rape, I also present in Chapter 1 a look at a more humorous topic: where babies come from.  If you take a moment in Google this idea, where do babies come from, you'll find some interesting results. I was really quite surprised about the results I did find, and I'm giggling a little bit thinking about it, and so I thought it might be fun to share some of those rather interesting videos here today -  all I can say is that I really hope people searching for real information on this topics, do not come across these videos first!

 also, if you have a humorous story about misinformation you got growing up regarding where babies come from, please feel free to share it here.  I'd love to hear what other people were told. I'm also going to post this question on Google+!

The top videos on YouTube regarding where babies come from.

And another gem!

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