Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Menopause and Aging - please take your commercials on wrinkles and incontinence and shove it

This week I have been writing about perimenopause and menopause. One interesting article I read on the subject, "Menopause is the 'Good Way': Women's Thoughts about Reproductive Aging," by Heather E. Dillaway, demonstrated how most women saw aging and menopause as separate processes, and that menopause did not necessarily make women feel old.  I had to agree with that idea, generally, and I would like to suggest that what actually makes me feel old is all the commercials telling me that I am old.  Commercials that focus on my wrinkles, weight, memory and the like.  I am not the target of incontinence commercials!  I remember when I was the target of lingerie - ah the good old days.

Regardless, I thought I would present here some commercials targeted to the older woman, to allow us to reflect on the general ageism and sexism in ads today:

Jack-In-The-Box menopause commercial (This commercial suggest that menopausal women are potential crazy SOBS)

Inside Out Menopause - (I think this video demonstrates how Menopause is sold as a Disease that can be treated)

I love Ellen DeGeneres but I am tired of her "hey wrinkle face" commercials.

Incontinence commercials - no words needed!

Finally, this man says it all about those damned incontinence commercials

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