Friday, May 04, 2012

A Mental Pause Jammer Moment

I had my first Roller Derby Bout last Sunday, and I had a ball.  Since I banged up my knee really bad at the beginning of the year, I was worried about its ability to perform well. Although still sore today, the knee did rather well.

 I skated with my home league's (Toxic 253 Roller Derby Project) sister league (One World Roller Derby), using Old School Roller Derby Rules (OSDA).  The rule set was not too difficult to adapt to since they are very close to the USARS rules for roller derby, rules that make an interesting intersection between OSDA and WFTDA rules. Anyway, I love being able to skate for both leagues, as the women on these leagues are amazing, supportive, and strong.  That is partly what women's Roller Derby promotes, a place of power for females of all ages.  

Anyway, here is my first real Jam as a Jammer.  I kicked some butt, made 20 points, and over took the other teams Jammer.  Not bad for a Roller Derby Skater over 40!


  1. Way to not pause, Mental Pausal!

  2. It turns out you are quite multi-talented.

  3. @Kathryn and @Poobah, thanks you two. It is a ball :)


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