Monday, August 08, 2005

Benefiber, Anxiety and a New Day

Good morning! I wanted to thank both Unknown!!!! And “Conservative Conservationist” for taking the time to leave their comments while I was away. Unknown!!!, you especially brightened my day during a point of high anxiety. Stress is unkind to the body. Not only did I have a panic attack during the test, but I have lived with terrible anxiety after. I’ve had to up the benefiber. I know, you don’t have to say anything--I am carefully tracking of my fiber intake. . . . Wouldn’t want to over do it. “Why am I so nervous now?” You ask, “After all, you finish your exam!” “True, true. You have a good point. But now I am worried, and have just about convinced myself, that I screwed up somehow: Didn’t refer to enough authors, was confused about the direction of the question, too many type-o’s, grammar mistakes, scattered thoughts and whatever else you wish to put into the mix.” I won’t hear if I passed for three weeks--three weeks of worry, anxiety and fiber. I have to find a way to put it out of my brain and just move on! Plus, the worse thing of all, I forgot my promise to the higher powers that be and did not put on underarm deodorant yesterday! You see, this is exactly why one should not try sorry-ass bargaining tactics with the powers that be. *Pause, running to put on underarm deodorant before they think I am not even trying to keep up my side of the bargain* Ok, I am back. Wow, almost forgot again today. But then I did just wake-up. So, there it is. I am leaving to visit my beautiful nephew and family. I will be gone for a week but will try to post via my phone (at least some images) or computer when I have the time. Finally, my good friend has a blog now, go visit here: Fregtable! Tootles--Rebekah


  1. You know, fiber and deodorant are important to ALL of us. I have been known to get less of one and forget the other entirely at times, not cool.

    A worthy post!

  2. Jen, thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate someone who also appreciates the importance of both the fiber and the underarm deodorant. Here's to kindrid spirits.


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