Friday, August 05, 2005

Exams, Help with Blog and a Weak Attempt at Pleading

I will probably not be posting tomorrow as I have my exams that day—it is the preferred torture device of academia for all aspiring PhD students who wish to become a candidate. 12 hours of exams. Am I nervous? Bet your butt. Maybe after it is all over and I have attended the after exam party planed for all us silly sods who thought that getting a PhD was really a keen way of, apparently, abusing ourselves (can you hear my sarcasm), I will return a bit unhinged and let folks know if I am still alive. While I am gone, however, I ask the readers of this blog for some advice. Simply put, I hate my blog. Mostly it’s the template I am unhappy with. I would like a three table one but can’t figure it out (there is not enough room in my brain right now with all that Marx, Postmodern and rhetoric/dialectic theory floating around in there). Also, I am having problems with my RSS feed as well. So, what should I do? What changes would you suggest? I welcome all suggestions and comments and promise to answer them as soon as I can. First, a call to the ancestors: “Okay ladies, mom, I know you can hear me, please HELP!!!!" And now, here is a weak bargaining attempt with G-d: “G-d, I promise to remember to use underarm deodorant at all times in public and around loved ones, including my animals, if you can help me pass my exams.” Rebekah, aka A booga booga

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  1. stop laughing reading ur content..very insteresting...hey All the Best for ur well..My God ...12hrs exam...its real struggle...ok keep blogging...Hey take backup of the current template and try experimenting with others....dont forget the backup cos..all customizations will get lost when u change template...and about RSS..i dont know anything about that one...ok then Rebekah.bye take care..


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