Friday, August 05, 2005

Nuclear Weapons, Iran, North Korea, Planet of the Apes

Today in the New York Times, I have learned that there will be an “Offer by Europe [that] Would Give Iran Nuclear Future,” by Steven R. Weisman:
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 - In a first test of the new leadership in Iran, European negotiators have prepared a sweeping proposal that raises the possibility of Iran acquiring nuclear reactors and fuel, and of achieving a full political and economic relationship with the West, if it ends nuclear activities suspected to be part of a weapons program, Western diplomats said Thursday.
Iran’s complaint to this proposal, once it is officially offered, and other criticism of their actions is that “as a signatory to the Nonproliferation Treaty, which governs peaceful nuclear technology in nearly all countries with civilian nuclear programs,” Iran has "the inalienable rights of all the parties to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes." Next there is N. Korea clamor for the good ole’ nuke: North Korea's envoy to disarmament talks in Beijing says Pyongyang has the right to operate nuclear programmes for peaceful purposes. Then there is Bush who also want to “rebuild” the USA’s Nuclear resources for *clearing throat* “Peaceful” reasons: Build More Nuclear Power Plants, Bush Says.
Oh! The Joy of Nuclear weapons and waste! Can you smell it? Dance around it? Feel the tingle in your toes—the fingers in your hand? Oh! The Joys of spreading cancer on our lands?
Then there are some realities: Imagine what it is like to know that as a child you were doused in radioactive fallout. It fell on your clothes and on your skin. It was in the water you drank, the scraps of food you could find. It entered the fabric of the buildings you were sheltering in. What the hell are we doing? People, yes you arrogant leaders out there in this world, have you never watched “Planet of the Apes?” Ah, I caught you offering me that blank stair, the meaning of “pardon me? Planet of the what?” Bullshit! Yes, I am calling you on it. Ka-Ka! You know you secretly watched that movie, dubbed in different languages or homegrown. Even the 1974 TV series, quietly remembering that science fiction has often gotten it right or at least the major themes correct. You might have even snuck a peek at Tim Burton’s 2001 remake. So don’t give me that smug vacant stair. As if you are above the classic cult concept. I know globalization has sent the western Apes your way. And Bush, you look like you could be related! Is that the attraction, your secret wish? I don’t buy it and I don’t buy the “for peaceful reasons” crap either. It’s Ka-Ka and you know it!
I am calling you on your ka-ka!
Why the hell are we messing with this stuff? What is the point? That Europe and the United States (well not me for one) will allow Iran to deposit waste in “another country?” Which country gets the lovely honors? Ones we hate, where the population is “disposable” like our Beta tapes and VCR’s? Nobody benefits from nuclear weapons or waste, except the corporations who control production and those human’s who get kickbacks for making “the deal” happen! Angry as hell, --a booga booga


  1. Iran has declared that it will resume nuclear conversion at Esfahan within one or two days. Europe has requested an emergency meeting of the IAEA to pressure Iran not to resume nuclear fuel cycle work. Israel is pressuring Ukraine to demand from Iran the 12 nuclear-capable X-55 cruise missiles that were smuggled there four years ago.

    All of this is happening as the talks with North Korea are drawing to a crucial, and so far unpredictable, end.

    So is World War III imminent? Hardly.

    Over reaction is exactly what these unlikely allies are fishing for. The coincidence of declared threats by both countries is a bit too convenient. By cranking the nuclear threat pressure simultaneously, both North Korea and Iran are hoping to walk away with the most handouts.

  2. Thank you for your comment and I would not be surprised if you are correct. I am not worried about WWIII, as much as I am worried about the use of nuclear material in general. It baffles me, our (humanities) arrogance. We don’t know what to do with the waste and we are still discovering long term effects.

    I do however agree with your about the political positioning of both North Korea and Iran.

    Still, I am baffled. Thanks for stopping by and please come again.


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