Friday, September 23, 2005

The Vatican Bars Gays to Save Them from What? Part Two

I don’t normally blog about a comment I receive but only comment back when I feel the need and have the time. Yet, a response to my last post about the Catholic Church Banning Homosexuals compels me to respond. Please feel free to scroll down and read my earlier post today and the comment left and then return here for my response. Thanks The Author from the Blog: Blog this...not white, not rich, NOT Democrat, said:

“Whining about the evil Catholic church is stupid. They have a right to their beliefs whether you like them or not, just as you have a right to yours. I know this is a hard concept for liberals, but tolerance is supposed to apply to you too.”

Tolerance, my good man, ends when it suggests I turn my back on the spreading of hate. Should we “liberals” or “conservatives” have been tolerant, as you suggest, when Hitler was committing genocide? Is tolerance, then, to allow that type of ideology to spread unchecked? By tolerance do you mean that if I see someone being raped or beaten that I should “tolerantly” turn my back and walk my own way without trying to stop the attack? Should I just smile and say simply, “oh well, if that is what they want to do . . . I should be tolerant of their wishes?” Good sir, you are not suggesting that I be tolerant, you are suggesting that I be quiet and complacent in the face of hate.

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