Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Is my research just in time or a little late? I have talked briefly about my dissertation research in the past and pivotal to the story I wish to tell (how the convergence of state, colonialism, economics and religious and societal counter reaction worked to change the Ancient Brehon laws in Ireland and therefore hinder women’s rights down the road) is Grace O’Malley (Granuaile). She is an important historical character for my work precisely because she lived in the time period I am writing about (late 1500s to 1603) and was educated enough to use the different laws to her own advantage. These were the Brehon laws, the March laws (a combination between Brehon and English) and the English laws. In fact, she is the last recorded woman to use the “trial one year marriage” provision of the Brehon laws. Now they are making a Broadway musical of her life called the Pirate Queen! So, my timing is either great or it really sucks. I guess time will tell there. Peace lovely beings. R

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