Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Our Government Suggests: Don’t Do What I Do, Do What I Say

According to the New York Times today, while answering questions about why the Whitehouse won’t turn over some documents concerning Hurricane Katrina or make certain officials offer testimony before the congressional committees who are investigating storm response, White House spokesperson, Mr. Duffy said that White House is cooperating, “But we have also maintained the president's ability to get advice and have conversations with his top advisers that remain confidential." Does anyone else find this ironic? I am not trying to simply the situation; I understand the arguments about “protection” and the so called “war on terror,” and so our, citizens, phone calls, activities, internet searches and TiVos (yes, that too) must be monitored. Here in S. Florida apparently anti-war protests (people standing on street corners) and Quakers, Lake Worth, trying to get their children not go to war are considered “targets” to be monitored who offers a possible threat to security. Our independent media organizations (in Miami and other places) must be monitored because they organize protests. But the government, who dropped the ball and are still dropping the ball on the poor folks displaced and ruined by Hurricane Katrina, can “remain confidential.” Yes, I find this ironic, disturbing and wrong. Folks, it is time to get disturbed. It is time to get angry. It is time to connect with your community, locally and globally, and get involved. Only people in a fascist state lie down and take it. Even if you disagree with me, don’t just do nothing. Talk about issues with your friends and co-workers. Talk over a beer. Talk at the bus stop. But talk . . . form public opinion.

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