Monday, November 03, 2008

Retire These Words Now!

Now that the election is almost over, I feel it is fitting to get ready for a "word" funeral. I propose that we retire the following words for at least a mandatory waiting period of five year, during which time these words might re-establish some dignity within their original definitions. It is important to not that it is not the fault of the following words that they must be retired. No, no, fault remains squarely on a political system that now demands branding and buzzwords to sell itself. If you have more words to add to the list, please feel free in the comment area and I will add them here.
Pork, Maverick, Joe (sorry, but all of them), cronies, Billary, redistributionist, working class whites (yes I know this is a phrase, but it was needed), "that one," Lipstick, Hockey Mom,


  1. Better yet, let's stop using all these as "code" words, and let the words mean what they actually mean, rather than something else.

  2. Yes, in a just world Dave, I would agree. But word abuse runs rapid in these times and I still think that we might need to give them a rest in order to save them!!

    By the by, happy election day! Keep your fingers crossed, it could be a bumpy ride.



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