Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update-Swine Flu

Apparently, my dad was the nameless "55 year old man dies of Swine Flu" reported widely in Florida last month. Why? Not only because he died from the Swine flu, but because the information was released the same day Obama talked about his plan to vaccinate children against the flu - lets hope this goes better than the 1976 efforts by Ford:

Duval County Man Dies Of Swine Flu State Confirms 6th, 7th Swine Flu Deaths

The Video

Officials: Pregnant Woman Dies Of Swine Flu State Has Seen 562 Cases As Of Last Week

Duval County Man Latest to Die From Swine Flu in Florida Posted By: Mike Lyons

Swine flu, Round 2: Fears of more flare-ups as our children head back to school.


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