Sunday, August 16, 2009

U.S. Health Care versus France's Managed Care System

Both videos are from the TV show Sunday Morning on CBS, and were aired today: 8/16/2009.

About our current debate:

Watch CBS Videos Online

France's Managed Care System:


  1. Very sorry to hear about your father. I've been one of those people pooh-poohing swine flu, now it appears that I've made a mistake.

  2. Dave,

    Its not your fault. the authorities, our government, the WHO, and history has screwed this one up! Giving poor information and leaving many of us to wonder what is what in the swine flu debate. But I had to learn a lot and learn fast and none of the news is good from the so called vaccines being tested in my back yard at the U. of W. to supplies need to help diagnose the flu to the accuracy of the swine flu tests.

    in the end, we all should be worried but because of the incompetency of the entire system and the lack of transparency being presented.


  3. I am so tired of the rightwing extremists talking points..they are all easily debunked, but Gawd forbid the friggin talk show hosts do that!

    We got the best healthcare in the world. ~ That one really gags me, it's such a friggin lie.


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