Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Auto Insurance

Today I am filled with doubts.  It could be the general I have had this week anxiety, or frustration at consistent contradictions.  Today's contradiction = vehicle insurance.  When we went to progressive to get a quote for insurance, we got a higher quote than we had gotten when we were checking out the RV insurance that was full-timing insurance!  So, when we went to seek out insurance for the $24,000-35 foot RV, we were quoted $77.00 a month- now this included the insurance to cover a F350 ford diesel engine and living space, and belongings!  Now when we check on our new 2003 For 350 diesel truck (no living space or belongings), we are quoted up to $120.00 moth- What the hell?!  Seriously - the larger more expensive RV would have cost us less then the truck is going to cost us.  Now the RV was from 1996, but the engines are the same and, and, and, ...

I hate insurance companies - with a passion.  Here is my beef - in all the years I have paid thousand and thousand, and literally mucho thousands of dollars to auto insurance companies to insure me against a "what if" situation, I have used my insurance only ONCE.  If I could keep that money and store it away, I could bloody insure myself and not have to worry about being turned down or charged a huge premium for a ding on my windshield.  Insurance companies are legal scams(ers) - auto, home, health . . . the entire lot.  I will never forget having to sell our house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after all those hurricanes came in.  People were claiming their insurance and the insurance companies did not want to pay up (I will never forget the sea of blue tarps that covered house, after house, after house.  To own a house there, you also had to have flood insurance, but that became impossible to get because there was a good possibility that a flood would happen.  Because the companies did not want to pay out to cover damage, they charged huge fees that no one could afford?!?!  In the end, the insurance premiums went up so much that we could not afford the monthly payout and our mortgage - we literally had to sell our house to stay "afloat."  I have paid so much money to these companies over the years and have gotten back nothing but grief back.  It is so frustrating.

Besides that, I keep watching my cat and dog together lately and seeing them fight and get on each other's nerves - I cannot help but think:  "What will they do in a 5th Wheel?"  This is not a new worry but a valid one and I am still iffy on whether it will be a good idea to bring out cat - but can I leave him behind?!  My heart says no.

The last doubt I have has to do with money.  I do not like being in a position where I own anyone money.  Credit bothers me because I have seen so many of those that I love get screwed because they own a bank, a store, or a credit card company.  So, I would rather not take out a loan to get our 5th wheel.  George, however, is scared of not having a "net egg" to fall back on (can one consider less then 10,000 a nest egg?!?).  So we are back and forth on this entire issue as to whether we should borrow money for the 5th wheel or wait to find one we can buy outright. 

But then it's been a hard few weeks and the harder the weeks, the harder it is to make a huge leap like we are planning on doing.  If I could only land that full time job I had interviewed for, life on the road would be far more feasible, because at least then we might have health insurance!  LOL  and so I am full circle with this post. 


  1. I believe anybody can find low auto insurance quotes. It's not that hard at all, you just have to look and search for the affordable insurance quotes that suite you!

  2. It does to explain the contradictions I am coming across over and over again. Sadly - its not about simply cost but also about what I get for that cost. But I thank you for your comment. R

  3. Years ago I had to look for auto insurance (my parents policy would no longer cover me because I'd moved out of state). I ended up going with State Farm, not because they had the best rates (though they werent bad), but because they were the only company that gave me the same price after I walked in the door to fill out the paperwork as they had quoted me on the phone. The other companies seemed to be surprised by the information I gave them, even though I'd given them the exact same information a half an hour earlier. I guess they thought that once I was filling out forms, I wouldnt walk out the door. They were wrong.

    By the way, you're living my dream, and I'll be watching to see if maybe my dream can come true, too. Good luck!

  4. I hope it can Dave! I am also hoping ours will get off the ground. We have lots of planning to do this week - we have discovered a lot of resources for this lifestyle - let me know if you want info! R


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