Tuesday, January 19, 2010

False Start

 It was indeed the truck's starter that died.  Yesterday we ended up having to call Bucky's, which was two doors down from where our truck died.  My sister drove down the key and the starter we purchased at Shucks, and they did the job for $100.00 (a little under) on the spot where the truck died and then drove the truck over to their parking lot.  My husband and I were about ready to take the light rail, and several buses (Seattle and Tacoma) to the location, but was saved by my sister's gracious offer to drive from Tacoma to pick us up in Seattle and to drop us off at Bucky's - I accepted this kindness and paid in chocolate (it was the least I could do!).

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Once at Bucky's, the truck started right up and we went on our way - doing all the chores we were going to do the day before, but could not.  The truck kindly ran all day and we hope that this trouble equates our "ding" or the dreaded first "scratch" that one gets right after buying a new vehicle.  But to be on the safe side, we will be taking Fluffy in to a friend to have her checked out top to bottom.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that we did not buy a bad truck!  Oh life. 

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