Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hitching Up and Life Clearance

We finished buying our Fifth Wheel today and that is exciting. All seem find with the RV but apparently our one ton truck is a bit big and there is a clearance issues between the truck, hitch and RV. There should be ideally 6 inch clearance and we have 4.5 inches – so, we have to fix the hitch on the RV by lowering it a bit and I also want to get the electronic leveling jacks checked because they are a bit sluggish. Still, a nice RV and we are excited.

My sister and her family came to help, which was a blessing because the driving aspect is still new and a bit scary for us. Emily, was kind enough to back it into the small storage space that we got – I do not think we could have done this on our first time out. We need some driving lessons – this is for sure. George did rather good all in all, even on the turns. I have yet to tackle the driving but I still need to be comfortable with driving the truck – sitting on a pillow and all! It was a good day but also hard.

What was hard, and what gave me a good panic attack, was the realization that we need to be out of our house in 2 months. This means I must sort through all our stuff and sell off all we can, while giving away the rest. This is a huge task which is made complicated by my demanding schedule of teaching 3 college classes, developing 1 class for the spring term and teaching a tots martial course once a week at the community center. George has a busy schedule as well but not quite as busy as mine for the next few weeks. In a nut shell, I am not sure how the heck we can get everything done that needs to be done. I’ve started listing things on Craigslist and will offer some stuff for free. I would be helpful to our bottom line if we could sell a few things however, even if it is not for what it is worth. As for those sentimental things, I am trying to take a picture and document, in this way, things that hold special memory.

Which brings me to the last issue – I had hoped to be able to scan all my family pictures and mementos before we left but this not an easy task because it is a slow going one where I can only scan one piece of paper at a time. We tried to find some scanning services and were shocked by the prices! Staples charges twenty five cents a page (an effen page!), and Kinkos is about the same. Can you say gouging? One employee tried to explain that it was because of processing power, until I pointed out that the same process occurs with photo copying and that was only seven cents a page. I am horrified, really, at what they charge. So, it is just another task that will take hours on hours – likely it will not be get all done. That is all for now.

Peace to you all,. R


  1. I agree, that is definitely price gouging. Scandalous. So, I am confused, you guys are going to be traveling around for how long?

  2. Trudy, we don't honestly know. This is a year trial (to start with), to see if we like the life style or not. Regardless, we can only afford the smallest of storage spaces so we are selling most stuff and trying to unburden our souls of all our stuff! Lol :) too bad we cannot drive to where you are, that would be neat!


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