Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our First Work Camper Job

On Monday we went to get a fifth wheel hitch put on our truck, and then we came home to put together and post our work camper resume on the workamper website.  We have been taking some helpful classes given by Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak - a wonderful guide in all things RVing, and formed our workamper resume in the light she suggested.  Well, we posted and not more than 12 hours later, got an offer from Mark Twain Landing, in Monroe City, MO, doing Karaoke and Entertainment.  George and I were delighted because there could not be a better job for the two of us.  I will also get to do some clown work and reconnect with my theatrical clowning work!  I need to learn how to make balloon animals but I am sure this will come rather easy. 

To make things even better, South Seattle Community College will keep me on remotely and so I can continue to teach my communication classes - this delights me because I do enjoy teaching and I have a particular good idea for my next class around the idea of Total Recall (the book), and the maintaining of a virtual memory.   I am so very excited to teach this class because of the potential scope of the class and where it can lead to in other classes on the same theme.

Indeed, we are starting to create a virtual memory here but scanning in pictures and take images of things we love but cannot bring with us.  I am personally going to work at documenting everything on our trip and leading up to it. 

Which reminds me, it feels good to feel like your decisions about life are on track by getting signs (like getting a cool job right out of the gate).  But today the New York Times did an article on Workcamping and how retirees (and those of us reexamining our life in mid life - do they mean mid life crisis!?) are becoming nomads.  I like the term gypsies but nomads will work as well.  See their multimedia presentation here.

Next on our list?  selling everything and this is not going to be easy.  We are overwhelmed in "stuff." It is hard to get rid of it, but we cannot "take it with us" as the line goes.



  1. That is so exciting that you have what sounds like the perfect job for the two of you! Hurray!

    I'm glad my class helped you showcase your skills attractively.

    Good luck with recycling the "stuff" to new homes.

    Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

  2. Jaimie, thanks for your comment and your instruction. George and I are really looking forward to this. :). R


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