Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mother of all memes

1) I would like to see the Internet used to empower the individual. 2) I wish that everyone would recognize that we are all stuck on this planet together and we need to work with each other to be able to survive. We do not have a backup planet. 3) I believe the news media should present us with the actual facts of any news event, and allow each of us to decide how to interpret the facts, without the media filtering or slanting the information. This Memes was started by the Reverend Billy Bob Gisher at Less People Less idiots. The idea here is to spread the below three statements/ideals developed in a first step to help form community and public opinion. If you are tagged, you are asked to tag in return four sites that are linked to your site, plus two sites that are not linked. Of course, if you disagree with the below statements, you do not need to participate. If you are tagged on the following dates, Less People Less Idiots asks that you to their site and report the following information in the comments section: My country, my web site URL, my web site name. Tag Dates to report back: 02/04/06 02/18/06 03/04/06 03/18//06 On this day, January 28, 2006, I tag Cosmo, The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks , Rebecca’s Blog, the Honest Book of Truth, Just a Woman, and The Martian Anthropologist

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